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Pass the Pigs Big Pigs

Pass the Pigs Big Pigs Edition: A Giant Twist on a Classic Dice Game

We are heading to the party with Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs! This new edition is definitely going to bring back all the nostalgic feels. 

If you are one of the few people, who haven’t played this game, brace yourselves, as Pass The Pigs is now making everyone throw oversized stuffed pigs for points! Watch out for bigger laughs and larger-than-life excitement with your family and friends at a party. 

So bring home that bacon, and get ready as we dive into the world of oversized fun with this game, and discover why you should add it to your must-have game collection. 

What Is Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs?

First launched in 1977, Pass the Pigs is a classic game you might remember from childhood. It is a game of sheer luck, where you ‘roll’ pigs instead of dice, aiming to make them land in various positions by pressing your luck until you pig out.

Packaged in a black drawstring bag, the game includes two large pig miniatures and all the necessary components. A perfect pick for those yearning for a dash of nostalgia, the game unmistakably brings back the vibe of the 70s.

Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a simple yet entertaining game.

What Does The Game Consist Of?

Pass The Pig’s rules and regulations are ridiculously simple and straightforward, so unboxing the game is not a very thrilling experience. But the game is super compact and travel-friendly.

Most of us might recall the classic design from the 70s, but the updated packaging for the Big Pigs version brings the game to the current generation, featuring oversized foam pigs and a giant board. Yet, for those seeking nostalgia, rest assured the pigs maintain their original appearance from the 70s but are huge!

The giant pig miniatures, crafted from foam, ensure durability and safety, even if they are handled roughly. This was an intelligent decision by the manufacturers, considering the younger players launching these pigs as if they were throwing stones in a pond: with full force and power!

Jokes apart, the game includes:

  • Two foam pig miniatures
  • A scoring booklet
  • Two score sheets
  • Two pencils

How To Play Pass The Pigs?

As aforementioned, the game is highly straightforward and requires no detailed explanation. Throughout the game, all you will do is toss the miniature and poor little piggies and score points on the basis of the positions the pigs land on the board. 

Every successful toss will earn points you can store in your piggy bank. However, if you push the piggies too far, you will ‘pig out.’ Winning is simple – the first player to reach 100 points wins.

You will notice that each pig has a black dot on one side that determines different scores for different lading positions.  

A ‘pig out’ occurs when one pig lands with the black dot while the other lies on its side without a dot. You lose all your round’s points, but it’s only for that round.

You earn a point if both pigs land showing two or no black dots. You score five points if a pig lands on its back, known as a ‘razorback.’

But beware, if the pigs land touching each other, it is a serious penalty – the oinker. You lose all your points collected throughout the game. So, be sure to throw the dice with careful strategy!

Scoring Points

It is very easy to determine how you score points as both Pass The Pigs and Big Pigs offer a visual reference to the possible results. Below is a rundown of how the piggies point scores:

  • Sider (1 point): Both pigs land on the same side.
  • Trotter (5 points): One pig lands on all four feet.
  • Double Trotter (20 points): Both pigs land as Trotters.
  • Razorback (5 points): One pig lands on its back.
  • Double Razorback (20 points): Both pigs land as Razorbacks.
  • Snouter (10 points): One pig lands on its nose and both front feet.
  • Double Snouter (40 points): Both pigs land as Snouters.
  • Leaning Jowler (15 points): One pig lands on its nose, ear, and foot.
  • Double Leaning Jowler (60 points): Both pigs land as Leaning Jowlers.
  • Pig Out: Players lose their points for the turn if pigs land on opposite sides.
  • Oinker: If pigs are touching, players lose all their earned points.
  • Piggy Back: If one pig lands on top of the other, the player is out of the game.

The game also demonstrates an exciting ‘Hog Call’ feature. You can shout your prediction for the pigs’ next landing position on your turn. If your prediction is spot-on, you will receive double the points for that position, while the rolling player’s score gets a deduction. It is a fun twist that boosts the game’s excitement level.

How Many People Can Play Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs?

This game will definitely be a banger on a family game night, as it can be played by a large group of up to 10 people. After all, it is just a rolling the poor piggies activity, mixed with a pinch of luck that chooses the ultimate winner!

Another good thing about the game is you can roll the pigs anywhere. Unlike the older version (Pass The Pigs), sitting around a table and rolling the mini piggies had become too old-fashioned.

But with this newer version, possibilities are endless! Take it to your pool party and play it outside. Or maybe in a mud room or just on the kitchen floor! It is a totally new experience and pure fun!

What Age Is The Game Suited For?

Even though the game’s box suggests seven years and up as the best-suited ages for playing, we have watched kids who are just four playing the game as expertly as ever! You just need an adult to check the scores while the kids play around!

Is There Any Other Version Of The Game?

Absolutely! Another version of the game is Pass The Pigs: Party Edition. It comes with four pink, black, brown, and tan pig dice. This allows for more scoring opportunities and includes bonus cards for extra excitement in the game.

Final Thoughts

Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs deliver pure, simple entertainment. Its nostalgic charm makes it a game we recommend playing again and again. It is also incredibly engaging for children, testing their risk-taking abilities, and its portability makes it suitable for various settings.

If you are already familiar with Pass the Pigs and seek a fresh twist or a slightly more challenging version, consider trying Pass the Pigs: Party Edition. It adds an additional layer of complexity that is the spice you are looking for.

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