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happy salmon review

The Ultimate Guide to The Happy Salmon Guide for 2024

Are you bored of playing all the cliche board games at your family game night or friends’ party? Well, I brought the Happy Salmon game to my board game review table today! It stands out as one of the most frenzied party games ever enjoyed during game nights.

Its appeal comes from its fast pace and straightforward rules. The best part? The sheer chaos it brings making it an absolute hit. Imagine eight individuals vocally competing for attention, striving to establish connections while engaging in funny activities.

Happy Salmon undoubtedly ranks high on our list of favorite games for game night.

What is the Happy Salmon Card Game?

Happy Salmon is a quick 90-second game that is both fast and simple. It is super fun and great for any gathering. Playing the game involves a bunch of people around a table repeatedly shouting the same word until they switch to a new action and start the shouting cycle all over again.

When two players match, they do the act together, toss the card, and go to the next one. You might hear “Happy salmon, happy salmon, HAPPY SALMON!” while watching someone funnily flail their arm across the table.

Yes, it’s loud and can be chaotic, but there are many noisy things that are not half as enjoyable as this! The first one to get rid of all cards wins! It is that straightforward. While you can play with 3-8 players, having at least six people on the game table adds to the excitement. And if you can round up eight pals, the game becomes even more thrilling!

Those watching might be scratching their heads, but the fun overshadows everything else when you’re in it, actually playing the game. The game has such straightforward rules that people who are not a fan of board games and often struggle with the rules quickly get the hang of it. Plus, kids can also compete on the same level as any grown-up, with no special treatment needed.

The game’s small size and easy-to-carry nature mean it gets played everywhere! It comes in a compact box that includes a set of rules and a deck of cards. This deck has 8 distinct sets, each marked by a different color. Each pack consists of 12 cards with various actions. Every player picks a set of cards with the same color on the back.

How To Play Happy Salmon?

Learning to play Happy Salmon is super simple and straightforward. Each player grabs a set of cards with its own color, shuffles them, and holds them face down. Everyone then forms a circle and waits for a countdown from 3.

When the countdown reaches “go,” players turn over their top card and yell out the action on it. They need to find another player yelling the same effort and do it together. After that, they can toss that card onto the table or ground. If other players can’t find a match quickly, they can skip and try another card.

The game’s aim? Be the first to throw down all your cards.

The game has four main actions:

Happy Salmon: Players slap their forearms against each other thrice.

Fish Bump is a fist bump or a “pound it.”

High Five: Just your standard high five.

Switch it Up: Players literally swap spots with one another. (Did I mention that you need to stand up while playing this game?)

Clearly, these actions are quite lively – from fist bumps and high-fives to slapping arms and dashing about. The game is a whirlwind of activity, always sparking laughter along the way.

The gameplay continues as players call out the actions on their cards, find a match with another player, and then act them out. The first person to discard all their cards becomes the winner!

How Many Players Can Play Happy Salmon?

Happy Salmon is suitable for 3-8 players. While playing with just 3 participants is possible, it becomes more enjoyable with at least six people. The more, the merrier!

How Old Should Players Be For Happy Salmon?

Happy Salmon is designed for those aged six and above. Players need to move around and communicate verbally to comprehend and perform actions. It is an excellent game for both kids (aged 6) and older.

Green And Blue Salmon: Is There A Difference?

Happy Salmon is available in two shades: green and blue. You might be curious about the distinction between the two. Well, the difference is minimal! While the case colors are distinctly different, inside both, you will find six identical sets of cards with the same actions.

But the card backs have varying colors, enabling you to expand the Happy Salmon madness from six to twelve players. However, if you do not have a large social gathering, you can stick to any one color of your choice!

Final Thoughts

Happy Salmon is a top recommendation for those who want to add some liveliness and spice to their upcoming game nights. Instead of merely sitting and moving pieces on a board, this game makes everyone stand up, get active, and perform silly actions to add to the fun and laughter. If that sounds like something your crew would enjoy, consider adding Happy Salmon to your game night collection!

What stands out about Happy Salmon is its fast-paced nature, allowing you to indulge in multiple rounds. For many, it has become a permanent resident in the game night bags because of its perfect remedy for any energy lull.

However, if your group is smaller, you might want to hold off until you gather a larger crowd. While the game can accommodate a few, the real thrill emerges with more participants. Having just three players reduces some of the fervor and enjoyment.

So, In our Happy Salmon game review, we have highlighted its place as perhaps the wildest party game you will encounter. Give it a whirl, and you will soon see its charm. Enjoy, and play on!

Happy Salmon Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our FAQ to uncover everything you need to know about the game “Happy Salmon.”

What exactly is Happy Salmon?

Happy Salmon is a quick 90-second party game that involves players shouting out actions and matching with others who shout the same. The goal is to be the first to discard all their cards.

How do you play the Happy Salmon game?

Each player picks a colored set of cards, holds them face down, and shouts out the action on their top card, looking for another player with the same action. Once matched, they perform the action, discard that card, and move on to the next.

What are the main actions in the Happy Salmon game?

The game has four main actions: Happy Salmon, where players slap their forearms against each other thrice; Fish Bump, which is a fist bump; High Five, which is just a standard high five; and Switch it Up, where players literally swap spots with one another.

How many players can participate in Happy Salmon?

The game is suitable for 3-8 players, but it is recommended to play with at least six for more excitement.

What age is appropriate for playing Happy Salmon?

Happy Salmon is designed for players aged six and above.

Why should I consider adding Happy Salmon to my game night?

Happy Salmon is fast-paced, lively, and requires players to get active. It’s perfect for those looking to energize their game nights and engage in some fun, silly actions.

Is the “Happy Salmon” game enjoyable with just a few players?

While you can play with as few as three players, the game’s excitement truly shines with more participants.

Can children play “Happy Salmon” with adults?

Yes, kids can compete on the same level as any grown-up, making it a family-friendly game.

What’s the game’s setup like for Happy Salmon?

The game is compact, coming in a small box with a set of rules and a deck of cards that have 8 distinct sets marked by different colors. Each player picks a set of cards with the same color on the back.

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