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Top 10 Family Card Games to Brighten Up Your Game Nights

While modern tech-based entertainment like video games and virtual reality can be immersive, nothing beats a great card game when it comes to bringing your loved ones together at the table! Many new card games have been introduced in recent years, surpassing the old classics for their entertainment value and vibrant designs.

Hence, we have mentioned the top ten family card games for your next game night to be as fun and exciting as ever. Let’s begin!

Factors To Consider Before Playing

You should consider the following two essential factors when buying a card game.

1: Age

Age is the most crucial factor you must consider before buying a card game. Nearly all family card games have appropriate ages mentioned on their boxes. So, buy one that suits all your family members, a game that is not too serious for the kids and not too challenging for the adults in the family.

2: Number of players

If you want to play a family card game, ensure that the game can be played by more than just two-four people at a time. However, remember that some games need more than two participants, so consider the recommended player count if you are not planning for a large group.

The Top 10 Family Card Games

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1: Mattel Games Uno

Since their launch in the 70s, card games like Uno have remained one of the most popular. It is super straightforward to learn and can be played by 2-10 people simultaneously.

All you need to do is try to get rid of all the cards in your hands by matching the color or number with the last card dumped by the previous player. At the same time, your competitors will try getting rid of their cards and prevent you from discarding them by throwing cards that require you to draw more cards from the deck.

Age: 7+ | Number of players: 2-10

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2: GameWright Splurt

Splurt is a swift and captivating card game ideal for family fun. The game involves a cards deck wach with a category and a designated letter spot.

Players race to shout out a word that fits the category and letter spot, such as “a movie starting with W” or “a pizza topping ending with T.” The fastest correct response wins the card. The game continues until all cards are claimed, with the player holding the most cards declared the winner.

Age: 10+ | Number of players: 2-10

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3: Mattel Games Apples To Apples

This game has to be in everyone’s card game collection! Best suited for a large group, Apples to Apples is a fantastic family card game. In each round, a judge plays a card with a word on it.

Other players choose a card from their hands they believe matches the green card’s word and place it face down. The judge then reveals these cards, selects the best one, and awards a point to the player who played that card.

There is also a junior version of this game, which has the same rules but simpler words for kids to understand easily.

Age: 12+ | Number of players: 4-10

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4: Kids Against Maturity

If you have many kids in the family, this card game is definitely worth buying! The format is pretty much like Apples to Apples but with a fun twist. Instead of words, the cards contain questions and answers with age-appropriate toilet humour!

Simply put, if you are looking for an educational card game for your kids, KAM shouldn’t be your choice. But if you are a cool parent and don’t mind kid-friendly fart jokes, try it! Your kids will love it!

Age: 10+ | Number of players: 4-10

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5: Phase 10

A card game like Phase 10 is similar to rummy, where players compete to become the first one to complete all ten stages.

In this game, you play cards in specific manners, such as sets or runs, across different phases. You progress to the next stage if you meet its requirements in a round. But if a player discards all their cards before you finish, you repeat the same phase in the next round, while others advance. With six players, the game may take longer, and you may need to pause and resume later.

Age: 8+ | Number of players: 2-6

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6: Game Wright Sushi Go

In this modern and fast-paced family card game, the players aim to create the best combination of sushi dishes! The game resembles a sushi conveyor belt, where each player has to pick a card and pass the rest to the next participant.

This passing of cards continues until all of them are chosen. Different sushi combos are worth different scores. For example, you can score more with a wasabi or chopstick card. After three rounds, the highest scorer wins the game.

Age: 8+ | Number of players: 2-8

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7: Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Deal Card Game

If your family gets tired of sitting for long hours to finish the classic board game of Monopoly, choose this quicker fast-paced version, with each round as short as just 15-20 minutes.

The game involves each player trying to buy real estate and collect money. You must collect three entire property sets to win but watch out for debt collectors, deal breakers, and forced deals.

Age: 8+ | Number of players: 2-5

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8: Incan Gold

When your family is large, this game will spread happiness, fun, and full of risks! Based on a press-your-luck idea, this card game’s theme is simple: the players must excavate the treasure.

So, will you be daring enough to take the risk and try to go one card further into the cave, or just simply collect your treasure and head back to the camp to keep it safe? Well, this is Incan Gold for you!

Age: 7+ | Number of players: 3-8

family card games

9: Atlas Games Gloom

According to Atlas Games’ creator, the universe of Gloom is full of sorrow and darkness, making it a perfect match for those who enjoy a touch of macabre.

Each player manages a family of Victorian oddballs, aiming to impose the most severe tragedies upon them before their unavoidable demise. The game, adorned with transparent cards carrying illustrations resembling Edward Gorey’s work, is beautifully crafted and a delight to engage in.

Age: 8+ | Number of players: 2-4

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10: Jax Sequence

Jax Sequence might result if Dominoes and Gin Rummy had offspring. This long-loved game aims to create straight lines of five chips, known as sequences.

As you build, you must also block your opponents and eliminate their pieces using specific cards, like one-eyed or two-eyed jacks. The player who manages to make two sequences first wins!

Age: 7+ | Number of players: 2-10


If you are looking for ideas to buy family card games, this article will serve you the best to make the right choice!

Enjoy your time with your loved ones with these super-fun card games, and build the most incredible bonds and memories forever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular family card games?

Popular family card games include Uno, Splurt, Apples To Apples, Phase 10, Sushi Go, Monopoly Deal Card Game, Incan Gold, and Jax Sequence, among others.

Which family card games can be played by a large group of 8 or more players?

Card games like Uno, Splurt, Apples To Apples, Sushi Go, and Jax Sequence are suitable for 8 or more players.

Are there family card games suitable for younger children?

Yes, card games such as Uno, Kids Against Maturity, Phase 10, and Incan Gold are designed for kids aged 7 or 8 and up.

Which card games have a shorter playtime for quick sessions?

Monopoly Deal Card Game is an example that can be played in just 15-20 minutes, ideal for shorter gatherings.

Are there strategic family card games for those who enjoy challenges?

Games like Phase 10, Sushi Go, and Jax Sequence require a level of strategy and planning for players.

What are some humorous family card games for a fun-filled game night?

Kids Against Maturity is known for its age-appropriate toilet humour, while Apples To Apples can produce hilarious word associations.

Can you recommend travel-friendly family card games?

Most card games are compact by nature, making them suitable for travel. Uno, Splurt, and Sushi Go are examples of card games that are easy to pack and play on-the-go.

How can I determine the complexity or difficulty of family card games?

Often, the age recommendation on a card game can give an indication of its complexity. Those designed for younger audiences are typically simpler.

Do I need a special table or lots of space to play family card games?

While most card games can be played on a standard table, ensure you have sufficient space for all players to sit comfortably and access their cards.

Are there family card games that adults can enjoy without kids?

Definitely! While many card games are designed to be family-friendly, adults can thoroughly enjoy games like Phase 10, Sushi Go, or Incan Gold even without kids around.

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