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Dinosaur Games

16 Must-Play Dinosaur Games for the Whole Family

Are your kids’ dino-obsessed fans? A recent study showed that kids obsessed with dinosaurs develop a better attention span, knowledge, deeper information-processing and linguistic skills. These skills are useful later in life not only in school but also at work.

Learning about dinosaurs, where they lived, and more is not easy. There is just so much information to learn from the long names of the dinosaurs to the different prehistoric periods they lived in.

Lucky for you, there are dinosaur games for kids that make learning fun, interactive and engaging.

In this post, we look at dinosaur games for kids.

Dinosaur Operation Game

1. Dinosaur Operation

Age: 6+

Players: 2+

Dinosaur Operation is an educational board game for boys and girls aged 6 and over. As a great choice to keep your kids entertained, the Dinosaur Operation is easy to use. All the player has to do is place the body parts into the dinosaur using the tweezers provided. They can also extract the chosen body part without setting off the buzzer.

Players have to take turns to place or extract the dinosaur parts from the board game. To do so, they have to spin the arrow. If a player sets off the buzzer, they must drop the item back into place. However, if the player can place or extract the parts without setting off the buzzer, he wins.

The Dinosaur Operation has one game board, a pair of operating tweezers, 11 puzzle pieces and one instruction manual. To play the game, you need 2 AA batteries not included with the game.

T-Rex Tantrum Board Game

2. T-Rex Tantrum Board Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2+

Another dinosaur-themed board game your kids will love is the T-Rex Tantrum Board Game. However, this version does not require players to extract or place body parts with tweezers. Instead, kids take turns stacking items on the T-Rex.

Care should be taken when placing the items on the T-Rex. If an accessory falls or a player causes the T-Rex to tantrum, then that player is out of the game. The winner is the player who successfully loads all the accessories. To start playing the game, the player needs to push the T-Rex to the start position.

Easy to play, the game comes with 10 accessories, one T-Rex and one base where the dinosaur stands. The accessories include a plastic shovel, hat, sunglasses and others. Kids can play with their friends and even family members.

Dinosaur Lotto Game

3. Dinosaur Lotto Game

Explore the lost world of dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Lotto Game. This game features different dinosaur species that children can identify and match. Designed to provide hours of entertainment for kids, the game comes with thick and chunky dinosaur-themed cards.

These lotto boards have colourful images of familiar dinosaurs. The educational game has two levels of difficulty. To play the game, kids need to match the double-sided cards to their boards by identifying the different species of dinosaurs and plants.

The winner is the player who spots and matches all dinosaurs and plants. After the game, parents can extend learning by encouraging discussions between the little ones.

Dinosaur Dominoes

4. Dinosaur Dominoes

Age: 3 to 5

Players: 2 to 4

Perfect for fun and learning, the Dinosaur Dominoes game comes in a travel size. In fact, it’s packed in small compact boxes, the right size to pack in a handbag or suitcase. The game covers a variety of learning skills including matching, counting and others. As a perfect gift for your kids, the game has illustrated cardboards with colourful dinosaurs. All these cards make learning fun.

Simple yet engaging, the game will keep your children entertained for hours. In fact, the Dinosaur Dominoes is perfect for keeping your kids occupied while travelling or waiting for an appointment. The board is like a jigsaw puzzle and your kids can even play it on the plane using the seat-back tray.

To play the game, all one has to do is shuffle the dominoes and then deal to each player. The other dominoes remain face down in a pile. The players need to match the dominoes by placing two matching ends together.

Dino Bones

5. Dino Bones

Age: 3+

Player: 2+

Dino Bones is a dino digging game designed for kids who love dinos. This adorable game comes with 32 trump-sized cards in a natural cotton bag. Printed in the UK, the high-quality cards feature 13 dinosaur fossils from smaller oviraptors to the diplodocus.

On each card, you’ll find names, silhouettes and even shaded outlines that will help the players identify and remember the dino fossils. There are numbers on the card, and they tell players how many cards they need to find and remember to collect the dino fossils.

For example, the Parasaurolophus cards will have the number two which means you only need two cards to complete the set. For the Diplodocus, the cards will have the number 4 which means you need to collect four cards to complete the dino’s fossil.

Dino Dump

6. Dino Dump

Age: 6+

Player: 2 to 4

Dino Dump is a quick-fire game for kids suitable for age 6 and over. Easy to learn, players will each receive three cards face up, three cards face down and three extra cards. During the game, players have the option of swapping any power card with a face-up card.

To start the game, one player will place a card in the middle of the table. The next player must place a card with a higher or the same number. Alternatively, the player can use a dino power card and pick a card from the stack.

Kids can use the cards to hide leaves, throw meteorites and even scoop poop. All these moves enable a player to have an upper hand on the others. The loser in the game gets the dino poo sticker.

Perfect for a family with kids who loved dinos, Dino Dump comes in a travel size. As such, it’s ideal for throwing in your handbag or suitcase to take to school, on holiday or to a friend’s house.

Dinosaurs Top Trumps

7. Dinosaurs Top Trumps

Age: 6 months to 3 months

Player: 2+

Easy to set up, the Dinosaurs Top Trumps match game comes in a self-contained plastic case that your kids can take with them anywhere, anytime. In this case, you’ll find 15 character cards, 25 unique character cubes and card spaces.

The cards match the corresponding character on the blocks your kids are playing with. To play the game, kids need to match 5 cubes in a line – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When they do so, they earn points.

To start the game, players need to push out the top left cube. Then player 2 will use that cube to replace or push out another cube in the grid. Kids need to take turns pushing out the cubes. The winner is the player who will match a line of 5 characters.

Snap + Pairs Dinosaurs

8. Snap + Pairs Dinosaurs

Age: 2+

Players: 4+

The Snap + Pairs Dinosaurs is a double-play card game that combines the Snap classic game and Pairs memory game. Easy to play, the game is engaging and fun-filled. Not only will the game keep your kids entertained for hours. But it will enhance observational and memory skills.

In Snaps, the kids will take turns placing a card face up onto a file. If the card matches the one beneath, the first player to shout snap gets the pile of cards. When it comes to Pairs, the game starts with all the cards facing down.

Then the players will start to turn over two cards and try to match more pairs of cards than other players. To win the game, memory is key. The colourful cards are all illustrated with different dinosaur species.

BrainBox Dinosaurs Game

9. BrainBox Dinosaurs Game

Age: 5+

Players: 2+

Test your kids’ memory and powers of observation by playing the BrainBox Dinosaurs Game. Fun and educational, the game will test your kids’ knowledge of all things dinosaurs. That includes dinosaurs from all three eras namely Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. For example Triceratops, T-Rex and many more.

The game comes with 55 game cards with 440 questions. Each card has information on individual dinosaur species, how they lived, and illustrations that bring each dino to life. You’ll also find an 8-sided die, a rules card and a ten-second timer. Easy to play, the game does not require a complicated setup or rules.

Perfect for every occasion, kids and adults alike can play the game in just a few minutes. The game works in harmony with the kid’s cognitive skills and natural curiosity for knowledge. As such, it sets the foundation for lifelong learning.

Dinosaur Escape Board Game

10. Dinosaur Escape Board Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2 to 4

The Dinosaur Escape Board Game is a cooperative board game where a volcano is about to blow threatening the lives of three dinosaurs. Simple and easy to play, the objective is to uncover the matching dinosaurs under the fern tokens. By doing so, you rescue and get all three dinosaurs to safety off the island before the volcano erupts.

If you can find all three lost dinosaurs and help them escape the island before completing the volcano puzzle, you win the game. The game allows kids and their friends to use their memory, work together, and strategize to rescue the dinosaurs. Not only does everyone play together. But they also have fun together.

The game comes with three dinosaur movers, a die, a game board, twelve fern tokens and five volcano puzzle pieces with the stand. Caution, the game has small parts. As such, it’s not suitable for kids aged 3 years and below.

Dino Chompers Game

11. Dino Chompers Game


Players: 3+

Challenge your family and friends with the Dino Chompers Game. Fun to play, the game is ideal for a dinosaur or animal-themed birthday party. It comes with a base chomp game, 36 balls, three dino chompers and an instruction sheet.

As a modern twist to a classic game, the game requires players to throw the balls provided into the middle of the board game. When one of the players shouts Go!, you need to tap the dinosaur quickly. By doing so, your dino will chomp the balls. Tap the dinosaur quickly to ensure your dino chomps as many balls as you can. At the end of the game, whoever has the most balls in their corner wins.

This game is ideal for kids who love to play multiplayer board games. Not only that. It’s a great stocking filler for kids or as a birthday gift.

Escape Jurassic Park Game

12. Escape Jurassic Park Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2 to 4

Avoid a dinosaur attack in the Escape Jurassic Park Game. This game of survival contains a board referencing Isla Nublar, the setting of the film. It also comes with a centre counter, a spinner, four playing counters and instructions. To bring the game board to life, this fun game comes with two 3D gate props.

The objective of the game is to make your way across the board to the East Dock. While doing so, you need to collect three lost items and not get caught by the T-Rex and raptors. If you’re looking for fun gifts for fun people, then the Escape Jurassic Park Game is for you.

Dinosaurs Galore

13. Dinosaurs Galore Board Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2 to 4

Fun and colourful, Dinosaurs Galore Board Game stars Eric Carles popular storybook characters. The game features seven friendly dinosaurs, four jigsaw puzzles, and one box. This 4-in-1 jigsaw puzzle game is jam-packed with prehistoric puzzle fun for kids aged three and over.

The game includes a board, spinner, twenty play-piece stands, twenty play pieces, and a common outcome card. It also has four dinosaur cards, twenty question cards and rules. The objective is to help dinosaur Squeak to find dinosaur Roar and all her friends. While doing so, you need to watch out for the scary dinosaur Snap who will try to stop your quest.

The Dinosaurs Galore is a fun and engaging board game. It allows players to name different dinosaurs, answer prehistoric questions and more.


14. Tyrannosaurus Rex Board Game

Age: 6+

Players: 2+

Looking for the perfect gift for a dino-obsessed fan? Then, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Board Game is for you. Designed for ages 6 and over, the game includes a board, 4 red dinosaurs, 4 blue dinosaurs, 4 green dinosaurs, and 4 yellow dinosaurs. You’ll also find a black T-Rex, two white 1-6 dice and a black 1-6 spot dice.

The aim of the classic race and chase board game is to enable players to race their dino pieces on the board. Each player gets four dinosaurs and as you race the dinos on the board, beware of the lurking T-Rex. To win the game, you need luck and a bit of strategy to ensure that you don’t get munched by the T-Rex.

If caught, you will have to go to the T-Rex’s den. To free your dino piece from the den, you need to play a six.


15. Dotty Dinosaurs

Age: 3+

Players: 2 to 4

Teach your kids shapes and colours with the Dotty Dinosaurs game. Designed for ages 3 to 6, your kids will love spotting different dinosaurs as well as matching the colours and shapes to the friendly characters. The game comes with four double-sided dinosaur boards with different colours and spades on each side.

The shapes vary from a simple square to a diamond and others. Kids have the choice of rolling the colour or shape dice as they race to complete their dinosaurs. The winner is the first to cover all his double-sided dinosaur boards.

Besides matching the colours and shapes, kids can discuss the colours and shapes they see in the game. This will enhance their observational and cognitive skills.

Pop Up T-Rex

16. Pop Up T-Rex

Age: 4+

Players: 2 to 4

Travel millions of years back to the heart of Jurassic World in the Pop Up T-Rex game. Fun and engaging, the game requires players to slide the coloured dinosaur bones into the slots around the crate. If nothing happens, the player is safe, but if the player makes the dinosaur pop, then you’re out of the game.

To reset the dinosaur back in the crate, press and twist it then keep taking turns. The exciting part of the game is that no player knows which slot will make the dinosaur pop next. So, you’ve to keep playing more rounds until the last player left behind wins. The game includes a T-Rex, crate, 24 bones, and instructions. It’s suitable for boys and girls.

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