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dinosaur themed board games

The Best Dinosaur Themed Board Games for Kids in 2024

Exploring the world of dinosaur board games delivers a heap of fun and excitement for families, especially the young ones who are fascinated by the gigantic creatures of the past. From creating your own dinosaur park to playful adventures with mama dinosaur, there’s a game to match every little explorer’s curiosity.

dinosaur themed board games

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition

The Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition isn’t just an ordinary board game. It’s a journey where kids can buy and own different dinosaur species, all while navigating around a specially designed dinosaur board.

This version is simpler and quicker than the classic Monopoly, perfect for keeping the attention of younger players. As they engage in buying properties and collecting money, they inadvertently get a small, friendly introduction to managing finances, all under the delightful theme of dinosaurs.

dinosaur game

Dinosaur Escape Game

Dinosaur Escape Game goes a different route by emphasizing teamwork among kids. Players unite to assist dinosaurs to escape from an impending volcano eruption, providing a blend of thrill and cooperation.

This game fosters a spirit of working together amongst kids, and its uncomplicated rules ensure it’s easily accessible for youngsters to understand and play.

dinosaur games

Dino Crunch by Goliath

Get ready for heart-pounding excitement with Dino Crunch, a game that brings both suspense and surprise to the table! This game features a sneaky dinosaur guarding her nest of eggs.

Kids take turns trying to rescue the eggs from under her nose, but they need to tread lightly. One wrong move and the dinosaur might snap, sending everyone into bursts of laughter and squeals of excitement.

dinosaur games

Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition

Here comes Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition! It’s the classic marble-chomping game we all know but with a fun dinosaur twist. Simply press your dino’s tail, munch on as many marbles as possible, and aim to be the top scorer!

It’s a fast, easy, and a roaring good time for kids and families, making it a must-have for every dinosaur-themed game night.


Playing dinosaur board games is all about easy fun! These games have simple rules and bring lots of smiles, making every get-together special.

It’s all about good times, laughter, and enjoying moments with family and friends, while playful dinosaurs add excitement to every game.

dinosaur island

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about stepping into the exciting world of dinosaur-themed board games? Let’s explore some commonly asked questions to guide your next family game night adventure!

What are some popular dinosaur board games for kids?

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition, Dinosaur Escape Game, Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition and Dino Crunch are a few dinosaur board games that are popular among kids due to their exciting themes and age-appropriate gameplay.

How do you play Dino Crunch?

In Dino Crunch, players take turns attempting to rescue eggs from a dinosaur without waking it up. Careful hands and nerves of steel are needed, as one wrong move could wake the dino, resulting in a thrilling chomp and ending the player’s turn.

Where to buy dinosaur board games?

Dinosaur board games can be purchased from local toy stores, board game shops, and various online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and specific game brand websites.

Are there dinosaur board games suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, dinosaur board games can be educational. For example, Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition introduces basic concepts of buying, selling, and budgeting, while Dinosaur Escape Game can enhance memory and teamwork skills among children.

Can dinosaur board games be played with larger groups or 5 players?

Some dinosaur board games are designed for larger groups. It’s advisable to check the game box or product details online for the specific number of players each game can accommodate.

How to organize a dinosaur-themed game night?

Hosting a dinosaur-themed game night involves selecting a variety of dinosaur board games, creating dinosaur-themed snacks and decorations, and possibly incorporating educational facts or trivia about dinosaurs for added fun and learning.

Are there dinosaur board games for two players?

Certainly, there are dinosaur board games suitable for two players. Always check the game’s box or online description for the recommended number of players to ensure it fits your needs.

Can dinosaur board games be a good gift for children who love dinosaurs?

Absolutely! Dinosaur board games make an excellent gift choice for children who love dinosaurs, offering them an engaging way to indulge in their dinosaur fascination while interacting with family and friends.

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