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Unveiling the Best Dark Souls Board Game Expansions for Ultimate Adventure

Unveiling the Best Dark Souls Board Game Expansions for Ultimate Adventure

People don’t like things to end.

No matter what it is – a great story, an exciting game, or even life itself when people enjoy something, they usually want it to continue. This can have both negative and positive sides. For example, imagine being stuck in a scary fantasy world, living over and over until you can bring back the concept of an ending to that world.

On the brighter side, people’s love for more can lead to additions to a favorite board game, letting you discover new places and improving some parts of the game.

The Dark Souls board game came out in 2017, and it got a lot of support on Kickstarter. The team at Steamforged Games didn’t just stop there. Over time, they have produced 12 incredible expansions. These add many new characters and quests for players in this challenging universe.

For those who might not know, Dark Souls is an adamant adventure game with mini figures. The original game is already good, but it can be enhanced. This is our detailed guide to the top 10 Dark Souls board expansions.

1: Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep Tile Set (2019)

This “Expansion” consists mainly of exploration tiles. One side features art related to Darkroot Basin, and the other showcases Iron Keep. The expansion doesn’t provide other additions such as miniatures, extra rules, campaigns, or narrative elements. It merely extends the Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep expansions by offering more terrain.

However, this is an “Expansion” that expands other expansions, which ideally should have included these elements from the start.

2: Vordt of the Boreal Valley Expansion (2017)

Vordt of the Boreal Valley ranks lower on the list of top Dark Souls The Board Game expansions because it is less satisfying and balanced than others. However, it is still a worthy expansion! While it is not at the very end, there are other expansions in our list that you might consider exploring before this one.

Vordt, the fearsome guardian of the Boreal Valley, is responsible for guarding the entrance from the Undead Settlement to the Castle of Lothric. Like many other Dark Souls expansions, this one also introduces new encounter cards alongside the chief components.

3: Darkroot Expansion (2018)

Darkroot holds a commendable position among the top Dark Souls The Board Game expansions due to its comprehensive set of additions that enhance gameplay. This expansion introduces new adversaries, encounter cards featuring these foes, and treasure cards for players to uncover during their journey.

Including components for two additional main boss encounters gives players more choices and presents new obstacles.

4: Iron Keep Expansion (2019)

Iron Keep holds a decent position on the list of top Dark Souls The Board Game expansions. While it offers a unique and intriguing experience, it delivers less than some other expansions on this list. It bears similarities to the Explorers expansion, making it less essential for those who already own the latter.

This expansion mainly focuses on introducing the Iron Keep, a grand fortress gradually submerging into a pool of molten iron, along with two new boss encounters.

5: Explorers Expansion (2017)

Explorers occupy a mid-tier position among the top Dark Souls The Board Game expansions due to its unique board mechanics distinct from other expansions.

It introduces new terrain miniatures, including chests, barrels, gravestones, and a bonfire. Additionally, it brings in new competitors to enrich the gameplay. This expansion encompasses The Pursuer, 2x Mimic, 3x Knight Spearmen, and 3x Fire bombs, complete with their specific cards. It also includes 15 encounter cards and 15 treasure cards.

6: Manus, Father of the Abyss Boss Expansion (2017)

Manus, Father of the Abyss Boss, finds its place in the lower segment of the top Dark Souls The Board Game expansions list. While it offers a compelling journey, it confines players to a specific adventure rather than expanding the horizon, as some other expansions on this list do.

Venturing deep into the abyss, players must confront Manus, who guards his violated resting grounds, even if one remains untainted. This character might be familiar from previous encounters, but he returns in this expansion.

7: Asylum Demon Expansion (2017)

Asylum Demon claims one of the premier positions among the Dark Souls The Board Game expansions due to its significant enhancement of the game’s range and its addition of impressive new content.

This expansion introduces a daunting new mini-boss and an even larger mega-boss. It comes with a massive mega boss tile, new challenging boss behaviors, tokens for the innovative Pillar terrain element, and exclusive boss treasures. Additionally, the expansion offers new encounter cards, leading to some of the most epic battles in the game’s history.

8: Gaping Dragon Expansion (2017)

Gaping Dragon holds an excellent reputation among the best Dark Souls The Board Game expansions. While the dragon boss and its related encounters are commendable, other expansions outshine it.

This expansion showcases a challenging new mega boss, the Gaping Dragon. It includes a massive mega boss tile, fresh, deadly, fearful boss behaviors, tokens for the novel Corrosion condition, exclusive boss treasures, and new encounter cards.

9: Characters Expansion (2019)

Characters occupy a high-ranking spot among the best Dark Souls The Board Game expansions due to their refreshing content. It precisely addresses one of the most crucial aspects of this intricate miniatures game.

As the name suggests, this expansion focuses on introducing a diverse range of captivating characters to the Dark Souls universe. It encompasses 6 miniatures/boards: Pyromancer, Cleric, Thief, Sorcerer, Mercenary, and Deprived. Additionally, 10 armored character model upgrades serve as replacements for the standard player figures.

10: Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion (2017)

Black Dragon Kalameet ranks very high among the best Dark Souls The Board Game expansions, owing to its powerful set filled with intriguing new bosses and game mechanics.

This expansion presents a fearsome new mega boss, Black Dragon Kalameet. It comprises a massive mega boss tile, innovative, challenging boss behaviors, cards representing the all-new Strafe attacks, tokens denoting the fresh Calamity condition, and distinct boss treasures. Additionally, it introduces new encounter cards that add a significant level of danger to the gameplay.


The Dark Souls Board Game has been thriving for over six years and shows no indications of weakening enthusiasm. With three games and an array of DLC as sources of inspiration, it is evident that the team at Steamforged is deeply passionate about the series.

As long as the community continues to express its keen interest, there is a chance Steamforged might produce these expansions indefinitely. Which one out of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below

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