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how to always win connect 4

Celebrate Family Time by Playing Connect 4

Connect 4 is a classic game that’s been entertaining families for generations.

It’s a two-player turn-based strategy game where each player drops discs into the slots of the Connect 4 grid and tries to get four in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Here are some tips on how to play Connect 4 and how to always win.

How to Play Connect 4:

To play, set up your six-by-seven grid on a table or other flat surface and select the number of players (you can play with two or four). Place colored discs in the slots at each intersection making sure that every column has the same number of pieces.

The goal is to connect four pieces either across columns, down rows or diagonally. Each player takes turns dropping pieces into a slot from top to bottom until someone wins by completing their line first.

If the slot is full when you attempt your turn then you will skip your turn and continue playing until one person achieves a Connect 4 victory by matching up four colors in a row!

How to Always Win Connect 4:

If you want to be a Connect 4 champion, there are some key tips that will give you the edge over your opponent.

Firstly, when it comes to how to always win Connect 4, never place your pieces near the edges of the board as these are too predictable. Instead, strategize by building up your pieces in the center columns. This opens up more possibilities for creating four-in-a-row combinations.

Secondly, analyze how your opponent is playing; look for patterns and gaps in their game and use them to your advantage. Lastly, keep track of how many pieces each player has on the board so that you can build longer chains and blocks quicker than your opponent. With these tips, victory will be yours!

Other types of Connect 4…

With Connect 4 being so popular there’s different formats of this game available on the market! Connect 4 Blast and Giant Connect 4 provide new twists to this fun game.

Connect 4 Blast:

Connect 4 Blast is a high-energy take on the classic Connect 4 game! With an easy-to-learn ruleset and clear, brightly colored pieces, Connect 4 Blast offers an incredibly engaging experience.

The gameplay is fast paced and challenging; with Connect 4 Blast it’s never just one move to victory, as your opponent will have plenty of chances to catch up if you make one false move.

Whether you’re playing a single opponent or two teams of two, Connect 4 Blast keeps everyone engrossed in the gameplay from start to finish. With Connect 4 Blast, you’re guaranteed to have fun!

Giant Connect 4:

This larger-than-life version stands at an impressive 5 feet tall and features incredibly durable construction, making it perfect for almost any gathering. Giant Connect 4 comes with 42 discs of two different colors and two catchers that are attached directly to the unit itself, allowing for easy play right out of the box.

It’s simple yet exciting design makes Giant Connect 4 appealing to all ages, allowing people young and old to participate in the same game. Giant Connect 4 is not only great fun, but it also encourages socialization and quick thinking. With Giant Connect 4, you’ll never stop having a good time!

Garden Connect 4:

Garden Connect 4 is a fantastic outdoor game that will provide endless fun for garden parties and events. It consists of a giant garden-sized version of the popular game, Connect 4.

The enormous pieces are made of lightweight yet sturdy material, making it safe to play outdoors in different types of weather conditions. Setting up the garden connect 4 game is easy as all you need to do is slot the parts together meaning no need for tools for assembly!

Garden Connect 4 can entertain many players at a time so it’s perfect for parties or group gatherings. Overall, Garden Connect 4 is an ideal garden game and provides hours upon hours of fun!


Whether you’re playing the classic Connect 4, Giant Connect 4, Garden Connect 4 or Connect 4 Blast, you’ll always be having fun!

With its simple rules and clear objectives, it’s easy to learn how to play Connect 4 and even easier to enjoy yourself while playing.

Plus, with the tips above you can get the edge over your opponents and become an unbeatable Connect 4 master!

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