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Exploring the Different Types Of Hasbro’s Operation Game

Classic Operation is a board game by Hasbro which has been around for decades.

Players must test their skills by removing various parts from Cavity Sam’s body without touching the sides of the openings using metal tweezers.

Did you know there’s different versions of this classic game? in this article we cover them all!

1. Unicorn Operation

Unicorn Operation follows the same rules as the classic game, but with a magical twist. Instead of Cavity Sam you are operating on a Unicorn! Players must remove colourful objects from the unicorn’s body including rainbows, hearts and cake without setting off the buzzer.

This game is perfect for children who love unicorns and magic.

2. Dinosaur Operation

If you’re looking for an exciting dinosaur themed game to keep the kids entertained, then look no further than Dinosaur Operation from Grafix!

This popular game includes all the fun of classic operation but with a dinosaur twist, as you remove bones and other prehistoric objects from the T-Rex’s body without setting off the buzzer.

Dinosaur Operation is the perfect game for kids who love dinosaurs!

3. Frozen Operation

Frozen Operation is the perfect frozen-themed challenge for any gaming enthusiast. Players must carefully remove snowmen from Olaf without setting off the buzzer.

Frozen Operation is a great way to introduce young Disney fans to the classic game of operation.

4. Operation Splash Game

Operation Splash is the giant operation game you have been waiting for! This challenging game pits players against each other as they take turns to operate on Cavity Sam!

To make matters more exciting, water sprinkler bursts will be disrupting your moves, requiring maximum concentration and perfect timing if you hope to win the game.

Operation Splash is the perfect garden game to play during the summer months.

5. Operation Pet Scan

Hasbro’s Classic Operation Game has gotten a whole new look and makeover with Operation Pet Scan!

The game board features Cavity Sam’s dog Rex-ray who has eaten a bunch of things he shouldn’t have! Players take turns to remove items such as homework and socks while trying their hardest not to set off the buzzer.

Operation Pet Scan is perfect for fans of operation who are looking for an exciting and fresh new take on the classic game.


Operation by Hasbro has been around for decades and there are a variety of versions to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a unicorn themed operation game, dinosaur operation or even operation pet scan, there’s something for everyone.

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