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Coup Board Game Secrets Outsmarting Opponents and Dominating the Table

Coup Board Game Secrets: Outsmarting Opponents and Dominating the Table

In the world of reviewing so many games for our audience, multiple board and card games attracted us to play more and more. One of them is the Coup board game that drew our attention because of its short gameplay duration, simple rules, and promise of social deduction.

But can it deliver well to your lofty expectations with so little in the game box? Well, let’s find out by breaking down the coup card game review below with the rules and some practical tips and strategies to win!

The Coup Board Game: What Is It?

Coup is an intriguing game for several reasons. It is swift, takes an average of 15 minutes, and can be played by 2 to 6 participants. The game often favors the player with the best knack for deceit. While cheating is off the table, you can leverage lies and bluffs to dominate. Mastering the coup card game requires a blank facial expression and a sharp memory.

The game is set in the near future, where the government is controlled by rich and powerful people.

You play as one of these powerful people. Your goal is to be in charge of everything, even if it means you must trick and bribe others. But watch out! There’s a group called The Resistance trying to stop you.

You have to be smarter than everyone else to win. Only one person can be the top boss in this future world. The last one standing wins!

Setup Of The Coup Card Game

At the start of the game, mix up the character cards and give two to everyone. Put the leftover cards in the center to use as the deck.

Everyone gets two coins to start with, which should be kept where everyone can see them. Also, each player receives a summary card to help them remember the rules.

The player who won the previous game goes first. If no one won before, pick the oldest player or the one sitting to the left of the person who dealt the cards. The board game comprises 15 character cards, 50 coins, six summary cards, and one rulebook. 

The Roles And Actions In The Game

Different characters have their own unique actions or powers. For example:

The Duke: He can grab three coins from the bank.

The Assassin: He can give away three coins to try and eliminate another player. They can remove another player’s influence card. But if someone has the Contessa, they can stop this.

A Captain: can take away up to two coins from someone else, but another Captain or the Ambassador can block this.

The Ambassador: They can swap cards with the main deck, choose which ones they want to keep, and then put two back. After they’re done, the cards get mixed up again.

Moreover, there are three actions anyone can do, while other activities are based on the character you have:

Income: A player can get one coin from the bank. No one can stop this.

Foreign Aid: A player can get two coins from the bank. But watch out! If someone has the Duke, they can block this.

Coup: By paying seven coins, a player can make another player lose an influence card. This move is unstoppable.

How To Play Coup Board Game?

Before you learn how to play Coup, let us give you a simplified game overview.

The game aims to be the last one still in the game. Players pick character cards and take turns doing actions. Some characters have extraordinary powers. However, you can also pretend to have a different character card to do more decisive actions (simply call a bluff).

But watch out! Others can question (challenge) if you really have that character. Challenging someone works a bit like the card game called Bull. If someone’s caught lying or wrong, they lose their influence (their power).

So, what is an influence? It is the character cards you have. Everyone starts with two cards face-down in front of them, showing who they are connected to in the game. It means that everyone starts with two influences. If you lose both, you are out of the game!

Here is how the game begins:

  • Players pick one action each turn. Skipping this step is not allowed.
  • Once you select an action, an opponent can challenge it.
  • If no challenge is made, the action succeeds. Once the game moves on, you cannot challenge a previous activity.
  • Challenged players must show they have the right character for the action. They lose the challenge and influence if they cannot show their card (or choose not to).
  • If you prove your action with the right character, you can swap that card for a new one from the Court deck after shuffling. This way, the challenger loses influence.
  • The game keeps going this way, and players who lose their influence cards are out.

How Many People Can Play The Game?

Though playing the Coup card game with two people is possible, gathering at least three people is better to feel the authentic game experience. 

Party games are more enjoyable with more players; hence most people recommend playing Coup with 4-5 people. 

Moreover, the game is recommended for ages ten and up. However, it may be complex for some ten-year-old’s. That said, almost anyone eager to learn can join in, making it suitable even for those not typically into games.

Secret Strategies For Outsmarting Your Opponents

Here are some secret and valuable tips to win this game and be the last one standing!

  • The game requires a sharp memory and a convincing poker face to stay till the end. The more blank-faced you are, the less you are likely to get caught lying. 
  • Bluffing is safer when players lack information at the start, so use this power as much as possible initially. 
  • Gather more people to play, at least 4-5, because bluffing becomes more difficult as the number of players decreases.
  • Bluffing as an Ambassador is easier. Drawing new cards keeps other players on the edge!
  • Bluffing as an Assassin is riskier; As an assassin, you can expect to be challenged often.
  • Pay attention! Note any inconsistencies in what other players say.

Final Words

The coup board game is truly remarkable. It is impressive how much depth and excitement the creators have packed into the box with just a few components. Time and again, Coup delivers intense and captivating gameplay, making it a beloved choice for every family game night!

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