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Christmas Board Games

The Best Christmas Board Games for The Holiday Season

The festive season is coming up, and now is the best time to get your hands on some family board games for Christmas.

However, with so many board games available in the market, finding one that is engaging and entertaining is challenging.

Lucky for you we researched and found the best family board games for Christmas parties for the whole family.

The Best Family Christmas Board Games…

Christmas Monopoly

1. Christmas Monopoly

Age: 2+

Players: 2 to 6

Start your festive season with Christmas Monopoly, a classic family board game. The game allows you to travel the board collecting your favourite things for Christmas, such as Santa and his reindeer. You can play one of the bespoke tokens, such as Santa or Rudolph.

Each player receives 1,500 monopoly dollars. To play, every player will roll the dice, and the highest roller takes the first turn. Then, you can move your token clockwise on the game board according to the number shown on the dice. Thereafter, every player will have a turn to roll the dice.

Players can accumulate fortunes and tour their favourite Christmas things. They can invest in workshops and grottos as well as trading their way to success. Depending on the space you land on, take the required action. For example, you can collect 100 or 200 Monopoly dollars from the bank or move to jail, and you don’t collect the money. Either way, the game is fun and entertaining.

Since this is just a flavoured Monopoly it doesn’t offer anything special, but it’s a fantastic way to get in to the Christmas spirit! Grab your friends or family members and Ho-Ho-Hold on to that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling!

The Best of Christmas Game

2. The Best of Christmas Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2+

The Best of Christmas Game is a LOGO family game that brings festive fun to the whole family. Designed for teams of two, the game comes with LOGO-style Christmas-themed question cards. Besides the cards, you’ll find a Christmas tree, a game board, 32 decoration pieces and more.

The objective of the game is simple – answer trivia questions and decorate the Christmas tree. Players can answer questions such as:

  • Name five of Santa’s eight reindeer?
  • Which of Santa’s reindeer has a name that sounds like you would get from a kebab shop?
  • What name is given to the festive food that accompanies a Christmas feast and many more

Easy to learn and play, the game tests your Christmas knowledge. In fact, for every question you answer correctly, you get to decorate the tree with one of the decorations. The winning team is the first one to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree. A fantastic and fun little game that really sets the tone for the evening.

Pass the Pud

3. Pass the Pud

Age: 3+

Players: 4+

With the whole family stuffed with roast potatoes, and turkey, what better way to keep the family entertained than with Pass the Pud. This is a fast-paced game for four or more players that tests the nerves and limits of everyone.

Players will take turns drawing a card from four categories. Each player must come up with an answer before passing the pud to the next player. The next player must then come up with the correct answer, or until the dreaded ‘burp!’

The player holding the pud when it burps loses while the other team wins. As a reward, the winning team or player receives a sixpence. When the cards are all used, the team or player with the most sixpences wins. Unfortunately, the losing team or players get stuffed.

The game comes in plastic-free packaging and contains:

  • 110 game cards
  • 25 cardboard sixpences
  • A Christmas pudding

The pudding has a timing device which means it requires 2 AAA batteries to work. So once you’ve loaded up the Figgy Pudding, you can play this fast paced reaction game.

The Very Merry Christmas Game

4. The Very Merry Christmas Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2+

Compete to grab the best Christmas presents for your stocking by playing The Very Merry Christmas Game. The game comes complete with 42 cracker cards, 32 present cards, 4 playing pieces, 2 dice, a game board, rules and a party hat.

Simple and eye-catching thanks to its colourful pieces, playing cards and game board, the game is fun and entertaining. A minimum of two players can play the game, but players can double up into teams. Each team or player picks a coloured playing piece before they locate the relevant fireplace on the game board.

Players will receive a stocking which they can fill with high-value presents to win the game. Each team or player will have a chance to roll the dice and progress around the game board. As they do so, you will find a host of squares with different activities. Then you can collect presents to place in your stocking or pull a Cracker Card with another player.

This will allow you to snatch a better present from another player’s stocking. To avoid losing one of your presents, you may have to sing a festive song. This is a superb game to really hammer in that festive feeling. So grab that Egg nogg or Mulled Wine and some friends then throw yourself in with this amazing game!

Christmas Express Game

5. Christmas Express Game

Age: 3+

Players: 2+

Climb aboard the Christmas Express and race to the North Pole. The Christmas Express Game is a family board game. It contains a colourful playing board, 4 stands, 8 player tokens, 51 cards, 14 speciality cards and instructions.

The objective of the game is to travel along the track to the North Pole station from the Home station. While doing so, you’ll have to avoid the Snow Storms, the Reindeer Crossing, Hustle Bustle and the naughty elf. However, you need to keep an eye on Santa’s sleigh as it could come in handy.

When you land at a station, you can move again on the board but if you land on a bridge, you can take a shortcut. If you play 3 of a kind, you can jump directly to the next station making it easier for you to reach the North Pole. The winner is the first player to reach the North Pole.

Santa Banter

6. Santa Banter

Age: 3+

Players: 4+

Perfect for Christmas parties, Santa Banter is a family game that contains all sorts of rhymes drenched in Christmas spirit. From Santa’s hat in a cowpat to the Three Wise Men visiting Big Ben, a player’s job is to describe as many rhymes as they can. While the player describes the rhymes, his team members will be working hard to guess them.

Players have 30 seconds to guess a rhyme. Stuffed with Christmas spirit, the game contains more than 180 festive rhymes for you and your team to describe, mime and shout out. You can play Santa Banter with four players or more, but you need enough people to divide into two teams.

Most of the rhymes are PG enough which means you can play with younger kids. Besides playing this game as a family, you can also give the game as a gift to a friend. Thanks to its fairly small size, it can fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking. Unlike the the name of the song, this game will not give you a Silent Night, instead it will have you and your fellow players cheering until the game ends!

Once Upon A Christmas - The Christmas Family Game

7. Once Upon A Christmas – The Christmas Family Game

Age: 4+

Players: 2+

Once Upon A Christmas is a fast-paced storytelling game ideal for a Christmas party for the whole family. Suitable for ages 4+, the game is educational and helps to develop a player’s creative thinking.

Fun and entertaining, the game contains 56 story cards that include a large selection of scenes. You can find scenes from a traditional Christmas to pictures of naughty elves ferrying a dad. With the cards, players can create fabulous festive stories and win the game.

They can tell stories about being naughty, about Christmas magic, about Santa and many more. The game is playable in 15 minutes with no set-up time. Rules for the game are available on one of the cards.

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