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Unleash Fun and Creativity with the Ultimate Catchphrase Game

Unlocking the Fun: How Catchphrase Games Are Revolutionizing Game Nights!

Have you ever watched Catched The Phrase on TV? Well, it has been one of our favorite game shows over the years. If you are too a fan, you might have wondered why the contestants could not think of anything new. Well, you will realize this once you play the game yourself. 

We are really excited to take you on the review journey of the New Catchphrase game. Let’s begin! No matter how big your party gathering is, it is a game you can play with your loved ones and enjoy to the fullest. 

Catchphrase Board Game: What Is It?

“Catchphrase,” the popular TV show known for its amusing animated illustrations that represent familiar phrases or sayings, has been adapted into a board game by Drumond Park. 

Suitable for 2-4 participants aged eight and above, the game can accommodate more players, though each additional player will extend the game’s duration. Instead of using a conventional board, gameplay focuses on the animated character from the series, Mr. Chips. One player acts as the host and manages the question cards held by Mr. Chips.

The game’s directions are straightforward, and setting up the game is a breeze. Players can quickly grasp the game’s objective and get hold of it quickly. It consists of three rounds, all of which are modeled after the TV game show, “Catchphrase.”

What Does The Game Consist Of?

The game consists of several components that require assembling, but they are not intricate, easy to put together, and the whole process just takes 2-3 minutes. Once you set it up the first time, it’s conveniently ready for subsequent plays, easily fitting into the box.

The game includes 96 double-sided standard Catch Phrase cards with the answers on the reverse, 48 single-sided super Catch Phrase cards, and 15 double-sided bonus cards. This ensures that there are very few chances of repetitive cards, plus there is a lot of money involved!

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How To Play Catchphrase Game?

As aforementioned, the New Catchphrase board game consists of three rounds in total. 

Round One – The Individual Round!

In Round 1, titled “The Individual Round,” players rotate, each getting 15 seconds to crack the catchphrase based on the visual hint. They proceed to the Bonus Round if they guess correctly within the catchphrase timer. If not, the opportunity is given to the other players, who also have 15 seconds to venture a guess.

If you correctly identify the catchphrase, you earn a chance to participate in the Bonus Catch Phrase Round. This round features a unique card with nine detachable windows, gradually uncovering the complete picture with each correct answer, mirroring the format of the TV show.

The Individual Catchphrase round continues until either the Bonus Catch Phrase is identified or all the windows have been removed without any player correctly determining the catchphrase.

Round Two – The Rapid Fire!

Known as In Round “Rapid Fire Round,” in round 2, the host places a card on the Mr. Chips stand. All players are free to call out multiple guesses until the time is up. Five cards are introduced in this round, and for each accurately guessed card within the time frame, you can earn £200!

Round Three – The Ultimate Super Catchphrase Round

After all five cards are used up, the game intensifies with round number three, the Super Catchphrase Round. The Host arranges the 6 Super Catch Phrase cards face-down on the dedicated board. 

Players then revert to the rapid-fire mode, moving across the rows – £300 for the bottom row, £400 for the middle, and £500 for the top. A special red filter card is provided to allow the host to know the concealed answer.

After all three rounds are done, you can switch the host and move back to round one. Once all the players are done hosting, the one with the most money wins! Simple. 

Is There A Room For Improvement In The Game?

A noted drawback of the Catch Phrase game is that the Super Catch Phrase cards are only partially effective. The ‘answer’ written on them, meant to be concealed without the unique red film, is occasionally visible from certain angles, needing additional efforts to hide it. 

Another point of contention is the limited quantity of ‘Bonus’ catchphrase cards. Frequent play could lead to familiarity with these cards, potentially simplifying the guessing process.

Moreover, some adults (old-age) and younger ones often find it challenging to guess unfamiliar phrases, thus limiting the gameplay to a specific age limit. 

What Age Is The Game Best Suited For?

As mentioned, the catchphrase game suits players aged eight and above. However, the ideal age range would depend on a few factors:

  1. The complexity of Phrases: Some catchphrases might be more familiar to older players due to cultural or generational references, while it can be challenging for kids.
  2. Gameplay Mechanics: While the game is designed for ages 8+, players in their early teens and adults might appreciate the nuances and strategies more fully.
  3. Attention Span: Given the multiple rounds and rapid-fire guessing, players who can maintain focus and enjoy quick-paced games are likely to enjoy it more.

Wrapping Up

The catchphrase board game is priced at approximately £19.99, which seems to be a reasonable cost for a game of its nature. Its replay ability might be somewhat constrained due to only 30 bonus catchphrase cards, with two immediately visible upon opening the box. 

After several rounds, players might become familiar with all the cards. Nonetheless, the game offers good value for its price. However, the game delivers an engaging experience that bridges the gap between TV entertainment and hands-on gameplay. Its affordability and familiar mechanics make it a worthy addition to any board game collection, ensuring fun-filled sessions with your family and friends!

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