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Board Games About Music

The Best Board Games About Music (2024 Guide)

For families that love both music and games, there’s a special category of board games about music that’s bound to hit the right note.

These board games aren’t just a classic game rebranded; they’re designed to challenge and entertain. If your family enjoys singing along to hits on the radio or are always up for a trivia game, then you’re in the right place.

Dive in and discover a world where music and board games merge!

music board games

Be a Broadway Star!

Who hasn’t dreamt of shining on Broadway? Be a Broadway Star! gives players the chance to play the role of an aspiring actor navigating the challenges of the theatre world. Playing this game involves collecting fans, attending concerts, and aiming for the Broadway lead.

A mixture of chance and strategy (with a dash of musical flair!), it’s all about playing your cards right and making your Broadway dreams come true.

music board games

Guess The Lyric Trivia Family Board Game

Guess The Lyric Trivia Family Board Game is a trivia game where players get to guess the next line of a song. The best part? It covers a range of eras.

So, whether you’re into classic rock or contemporary hits, there’s something for everyone. Teams can challenge each other to see who knows their lyrics best. Remember, it’s not just about the song, but also about having fun!

music board games


Ever heard a word that instantly reminded you of a song? Spontuneous harnesses that very idea! In this game, one player says a word, and others race to sing a song containing that word.

It’s an awesome party mode game that can get everyone from kids to grandparents singing and laughing. Not only does it enhance creativity, but it also brings out the inner rock star in all players.

music board games

Melody Madness Singing Game

Melody Madness Singing Game is all about hitting those notes. Players pick a card and take on singing challenges, from impersonating famous singers to creating a new band name.

It’s a game filled with laughter, fun, and, of course, lots of singing. So, if your family loves to belt out tunes, this game is a sure win.

music board games

Big Potato MTV Game

For those who have fond memories of the MTV era or just love music, the Big Potato MTV Game is a blast.

Players compete in challenges related to music videos, famous bands, and iconic MTV moments. It’s a trip down memory lane, mixed with a fun trivia game that will have everyone grooving.

music board games

Boom Again Board Game

Revisit the golden days of music with Boom Again Board Game.

Tailored for those who cherish the tunes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, this game is packed with questions about classic songs, renowned bands, and legendary artists. Perfect for a nostalgic game night!

music board games

Helvetiq Music IQ Party Game

Test your music knowledge with Helvetiq Music IQ Party Game. This trivia game covers genres, famous tracks, and general music knowledge.

Whether you’re into jazz, rock, or pop, it’s a game for all music lovers. Plus, with its party setting, it’s sure to be a hit at gatherings.

Final Thoughts

The world of board games about music offers an array of options for families and friends to play, enjoy, and bond over their shared love for tunes.

So, next time you plan a game night, why not mix in some rhythmic fun? Don’t forget to drop a comment about your experience!

music board games

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of board games about music? Here’s a handy FAQ section to address some common questions.

What are the best board games about music?

Some top picks include Be a Broadway Star!, Guess The Lyric Trivia Family Board Game, Spontuneous, Melody Madness Singing Game, Big Potato MTV Game, Boom Again Board Game, and Helvetiq Music IQ Party Game.

Can these music board games be played by all age groups?

Absolutely! Most of these board games are designed for families, meaning both kids and adults can play and have fun.

Where can I buy board games about music?

Music board games can be purchased from many outlets, including local game stores, online retailers, and often directly from the game designer’s website.

How do you play Spontuneous?

In Spontuneous, one player says a word and others race to sing a song containing that word. It’s a lively party game where everyone can get involved.

Are there any digital versions of these board games?

Some board games might have digital versions or apps available on platforms like iOS. It’s best to search or visit the game’s official website for precise information.

How long does an average game session last?

The duration can vary, but most music board games last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of players and game complexity.

Can I create my own music-themed board game?

Of course! With some creativity, knowledge about music, and a bit of planning, you can certainly create your own board game. You might even become the next big game designer!

Do I need to be a music expert to play these games?

Not at all. While some knowledge about music can be an advantage in certain games, the primary aim is to play and have fun. Many games are designed to be enjoyable regardless of your music expertise.

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